Emzi Skin Clinic Policies

We charge £50 for a consultation and this will be deducted from your treatment price once you have paid for treatment. If you chose not to go ahead with treatment this is non-refundable as we are a small business and our time is valuable.

All skin care products/injectables supplied on site are non-refundable once purchased and taken off-site.

Aesthetics treatments such as Botox® anti-wrinkle treatment, are non-refundable once the treatment has been undertaken. The list is not exclusive.

The consent forms for these aesthetics treatments clearly state that there is no guarantee of a satisfactory or pleasing result. Rather our aesthetics doctors will be using their experience and clinical acumen to provide the best possible treatment result to the best of their ability. We constantly strive to improve patient satisfaction and audit and publish these results on our website.

A ‘top up” anti-wrinkle treatment may be offered at the clinician’s discretion but this should not be taken as an expectation. Our aim is for service users to be satisfied with their results; however, we are also very careful to manage expectations, hence the thorough pre-treatment consultation.

Any adverse issues relating to facial aesthetics work undertaken at Emzi Skin Clinic needs to be highlighted and reviewed with a face-to-face review consultation with the treating clinician within a maximum of four weeks after having had the work done.

In this time-frame, we will be sympathetic to the issues raised and will be aiming to correct any deficiencies and to leave our patients satisfied with their results with their expectations met or even exceeded.

We are not obliged to correct the work of clients and do not review patients who present more than six weeks after their treatment with us, especially if they have previously failed to bring any concerns to our attention.

In this circumstance, we are unable to verify the subsequent facial aesthetics history of the patient and our medical team have determined that six weeks is a reasonable timescale to have highlighted any concerns to us. This nationwide clinic policy is resolute and is in line with sound facial aesthetics practices and recommendations. This policy is clearly stated in the patient reading material pre-treatment and in the consent form.

Privacy Policy


We are committed to protecting your privacy, and the privacy of our website visitors. Any information that will be collected and will be used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. Information gathered will not be shared with any third party companies for direct marketing.